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5 Critical Factors That Will Send Your Boat To An Early Grave 

The 5 Problems

  • UV Rays Destroy Paint, Seats and Carpet - Australia has some of the Highest UV rays In the world. Just like our skin. UV Rays wreak havoc on Boats. The quickest way to wreck your boat is to leave out in the sun unprotected.

  • Dust and Dirt Breed Bacteria - When A Boat is left Uncovered Dirt and Dust blows in and settles in the carpet and subfloor. This quickly mixes with any Old Bait Residue which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. While you can’t see it, it might be eating away at your subfloor causing your boat to age drastically, not to mention the possibility of infections for any of your passengers. 

  • Rats and Other Vermin Love Boats - Rats, Possums, Birds, Cockroaches, Spiders and Snakes all love to make their home in Unprotected Boats. The Scent of Old Fish and Salt brings them in droves. Imagine you’re out on the water one day and Old Red Belly Black decides to come for a fish. That would make an interesting day out, not to mention Dangerous.

  • Rain Water Creates Mould and Mildew - Leaving your Boat unprotected in the rain creates Mould and Mildew destroying your Seats, Tackle Boxes, Sounders and GPS. Any water that pools create perfect conditions for mosquito larvae. 

  • Not Washing Down your Boat - Let’s say you forget to Wash Down your Boat after a day on the Salty stuff (We Know, It Happens) Combine that with any of these other issues and your perfectly good Boat could unusable within a year.

Ok, But What Can I do?

The Only Real Solution is to Get a Boat Cover. 


Not just any Cover. 

  • You need a cover that fits your boat tight, so it doesn’t flap in the wind and scratch your Paint Work. 


  •  You need a cover that has the correct fixing points, So it is easy to pull on and off 

  • You need a Boat Cover that Protects your Motor from the elements allowing your motor to function properly when needed. 


  • You need a Cover that Uses the Highest Quality Breathable Material, Which allows your boat to breath reducing the chance of bacteria build-up. 


  • You need a Cover with Reinforced Stitching So It lasts as long as your Boat.


  • You need a Cover Created with High-Quality Workmanship so after the cover is made you can tick it off the list and never worry again. Which means you can focus on quality time out on the water with your family and friends, doing what you love.

Where Can I Get One?

Coast Wide Boat Covers are The Illawarra’s Leading Boat Cover Technicians. 


We Can Cover Any boat, 


Any Style and we are a completely Mobile Service 


Which means we come to you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I have a Wake boat Can you cover that as well?

Absolutely we cover all types of boats, fishing boats, wake boats, even Jetskis.


  • I want to protect my boat but I don’t know exactly what I need?

No Worries, Just Give us a call on 0448 614 631 and we’ll happily go through with you, your best options. 


  • I have an Old Cover that needs some repairs, Do you do that too?

Yes, We repair old covers, it’s best if we have a look and see what condition your old cover is in and can come up with a solution.


  • Do you Just do Boat covers Or Other Stuff Too?

We also do Bimini Tops, Clears, Framed Roofs, Mooring Covers, Center Console Covers, Trailer Covers, Ute Covers, Horse Float Covers. Send us a message on Facebook if you would like something, not listed too.


  • What Areas do you Service?

We are a completely mobile Provider. We Service the South Coast from Sutherland Shire Down to Nowra. 


  • Where are you based?

We are based in Lake Illawarra


  • I’m out of your Service area, What if I brought my boat to you?

Sure, We’ve had clients bring their boats from as far as Bathurst. They leave it with us while we complete the job and then pick it back up when it’s done